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It is that time of year again. Many of us are gearing up for the back to school season. Summer has been a blast, but it is time for school once again. You have done your back to school shopping, gotten a new backpack and lunch box, maybe some new school shoes and clothes. Now there is one last thing you must do…..capture this moment!!

It is their first day of starting a new year. Time to capture it. You may be thinking “but how?” and that my sweet friend is what I wanted to chat about today.

Here are some fun tips to capture those memorable new chapter of our kiddos going back to school.

1. New Routine

New school year, means they are a little older and may have a new routine. Where you were once putting on their shoes for them, maybe they are doing that now. Throw on their backpack, have them sit down to put on their school shoes and capture this.

Did they fix their own breakfast? Capture them making it or even just eating a bowl of cereal at the table. Either way embrace the new routine and soak it all in with capturing the NEW.

2. Props

Moms this can be an easy excuse to get yourself something cute to use as a prop. I’m always loving a chalkboard or letter board to add some personalization to your props. These make the perfect little item to add into your picture to date it, add the grade or school they are going to, and maybe what they want to be when they grow up.

3. Emotion

Starting something new for a kiddo can be full of mixed emotions. Are they jumping up and down super excited to be going to big kid school for the first time? Are they nervous for riding the bus for the first time? Are they sad because they will miss you so much? Whatever their emotion is you can be sure you will capture it. They do not have to smile to create a moving and memorable picture that tells who they are and how they are feeling. And lets be honest, we should be capturing our own emotion too of their first day so make sure you are taking a selfie too.

4. Backpack

I love this shot personally. It is great for so many reasons. You can capture a lot within just a few short clicks of the camera. Putting on their backpack for their first day of school…super cute. Having them turn around and looking at you over their shoulders….love love love as it truly captures them and their size (this one is great to do first and last day of school to see how much they have grown and changed throughout the school year). Plus even their personality too if they have a new backpack they picked out and want to show it off. Walking onto the bus or into school and maybe waving goodbye….all the feels.

Whether you are shooting on automatic mode {the green box setting} or using a fun Portrait preset {the lady with the hat} the most important thing is you are capturing these moments for you and your kiddos.

You maybe thinking now what? Look back at your pictures and have even more fun with ordering some prints or chatbook too. Your kids will love to look back at these photos you took and always makes a good story to share to.

Cheers Mama!! You made it through the summer. Grab yourself a cup of coffee, hot tea or go all out and get yourself a mimosa.


Amanda @ Knowles Photography




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