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So when deciding on your lens PRIME vs ZOOM some questions you may want to consider are:

  • What will you be photographing most?
  • Will your subjects be close or further away?
  • Does weight matter? Will you be able to hold and stabilize a heavier lens?
  • Do you want to zoom or do you want to be the zoom?

Zoom or Prime Lens. Which lens is right for you?

Many will say a lens plays one of the most important roles in creating and capturing your picture. The lens controls the image being projected onto your camera sensor which in turns creates the final image you see on display on the back of your camera.


You may often times have heard this or read it when searching online on what to do. When you hear or see the word glass this is referring to the camera lens.

Before we jump into the two lens choices lets chat a little about the camera basics.

The numbers and letters on the side of your lens tell you all sorts of information. Most importantly your focal length and aperture.

FOCAL LENGTH allows your focal point to be wider to narrow ranges or zoomed shots. With a zoom lens you will be able to stand in one place and change the focal length by adjusting your zoom. With a prime lens you are the zoom, the focal length will always stay the same. So if you want a closer shot you will need to more closer and vice versa.

APERTURE tells the maximum amount of light that a lens can gather. 1.8 aperture means more light is coming into the lens & camera therefore you could be used in lower light situations without having to use a flash. A zoom lens aperture maximum could depend on the focal length (ie: 18-200mm & F3.5-5.6).

There is a lot to think about when choosing the right lens for you. Besides all of these topics to think about, make sure you take into account brand, price, new vs used and your camera being full frame or crop sensor.

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Amanda @ Knowles Photography

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